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Our Story


I started as a CBD company in 2019 after years of research and development with a mission to be better. I wanted better products with the best absorption for the highest efficacy of CBD that were all natural with minimal packaging free of plastic. I wanted my products to be what I gave my daughter and for me to be comfortable with that I want to know everything about the raw ingredients because one thing we have learned with her epilepsy is she is triggered by certain ingredients and knowing what is in things is critical to managing her epilepsy.

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Finding A Better Way

My other focus was doing better for absorption rates and better efficacy for CBD, looking at carrier fats as the main way to achieve this since all cannabinoids are fat soluble herbs. I turned to ghee as it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries and is known as the superior “anupana”, or transport vehicle for fat soluble herbs. My previous knowledge for ghee comes from personal use stemming from dairy allergies and previous partnership in a middle eastern restaurant where this golden goodness was a staple in the kitchen.

The Superior Carrier Fat

The first product launched in 2019 was GheeBD and the outcome was exceptional. People loved the versatility and noticed the efficacy for CBD. We didn’t have to make a product with extremely high amounts of cannabinoids and the duration of lasting effects was also noted as much greater from the competition. The ghee and the flavors options were also highly accepted in fact so much that the feedback was to make them with and without cannabinoids for more versatile use and so began Oh Ghee.

Our Cornerstone Ingredient


Oh Ghee now is a ghee company that uses ghee as the cornerstone ingredient in the entire product line. From humans to pets nourishing our bodies from inside and on the outside I truly feel that ghee is the greatest single ingredient around and the reason I can say, Oh Ghee, how we love thee…….

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