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This therapeutic body butter stick is a blend of natural healing oils and soothing body butters to help Recover from discomfort, inflammation and soreness associated with overuse. Cannabinoids found in full spectrum hemp are fused with the century old Ayurvedic carrier oil ghee to catalyze the delivery of cannabinoids drawing them deeper into the body tissue for enhanced therapeutic effects. Discover why our cornerstone ingredient ghee, offers superior absorption, increased bioavailability and efficacy that far exceeds any other topical hemp product on the market.


FORMULATED WITH PURPOSE: Our ingredients are chosen with the purpose to provide benefits that work in synergy with each other.


Ghee Resembling the structural components of skin cells so closely that it’s able to absorb deep into the layers of the skin, earning the term superior anupana (therapeutic vehicle) in Ayurvedic practices. These transdermal properties from essential fatty acids and carbon bonds unique to ghee catalyze delivery of fat soluble herbs and penetrate the deepest layers of skin cells. The results are greater therapeutic effects of fat soluble herbs and minerals through enhanced absorption and improved efficacy.


Cocoa butter Vitamin E and fatty acids found in cocoa butter help nourish the skin, improve elasticity, and form a protective barrier to hold in moisture. Shea butter Emollient properties is shea butter help soften and hydrate the skin. Rich in vitamin A to increase skin-cell turnover by stimulating the production of college.


Bees wax Natural humectant filled with protective wax esters that draw moisture into your skin and create a protective layer. Anti-swelling effects help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Beeswax has a high melting point which makes it an ideal ingredient to use in natural skin care products to help solidify and increase the melting points to avoid melting in hot sun or heat.


Full spectrum hemp Natural occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and phenolics found in full spectrum hemp interact with our body's endocannabinoid (ECS) system. The presence of CB1 and CB2 receptor sites on the skin allow for hemp cannabinoids to bind topically initiating point of pain relief and help to reduce inflammation.


Arnica oil has been used topically to help soothe muscle aches, reduce inflammation, and heal wounds. It is considered a very potent remedy for soft tissue inflammation and injuries associated with overuse.


Ginger A circulatory herb used to help increase peripheral circulation that can aid in faster delivery of therapeutic topicals.


Peppermint oil Mentha piperita is true peppermint oil that includes the presence of terpenes and is recommended for therapeutic use in aromatherapy. Menthol components in peppermint have shown to help the muscles relax, Eucalyptus oil Contains the terpene Eucalyptol, which reduces inflammation.

Recover Body Butter Stick

SKU: 0022
  • INGREDIENTS: Organic ghee from grass-fed cows, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, 100% pure organic bees wax, Oregon grown full spectrum hemp, arnica oil, organic ginger, organic peppermint oil, organic eucalyptus oil.

    DIRECTIONS: Apply as needed to areas of discomfort or soreness caused from overuse or inflammation. Avoid contact with eyes or open wounds.

    PACKAGING: 2.7 oz recyclable paperboard push-up tube (plastic-free package) contains 1000 mg of cannabinoids from full spectrum hemp

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