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The Science

Heavily used in Indian cuisine, this golden elixir in Ayurvedic practice has been recognized for its rich nutritional profile, therapeutic properties, and superior “anupana,” or transport vehicle for fat soluble herbs.


Free from inflammatory milk solids casein, whey and lactose, ghee is easy to digest and suitable for those with milk or dairy intolerance and allergies. This nutrient dense superfood contains digestive enzymes, 18 amino acids, 25 minerals, and vitamins A,D, E & K. One of the most sacred and healing foods rich in omega 9 and 3 fatty acids. Ghee is the purest form of the healthiest fat made up of a full spectrum of short, medium and long chain fatty acids creating unparalleled therapeutic effects and is unique only to ghee.


When fat soluble herbs are fused to these unique carbon chains, increased absorption throughout the body is achieved. Short and medium chain fatty acids are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and travel to the liver through the portal system for quicker absorption and utilization. Long chain fatty acids are transported through the portal system avoiding first pass metabolism resulting in slower absorption, therefore, longer duration in systemic circulation. For therapeutic benefits of fat soluble herbs, the ability to achieve both absorption pathways is favored for better efficacy.


When it comes to topical absorption, ghee has a lipid profile close to that of the skin which makes it easy to absorb. Easy absorption through the dermis layers of the skin nourish the body with vitamins and minerals found in ghee as well as absorption of the fat soluble herbs fused to ghee when used as the carrier fat in topical formulas.


This science of ghee is another reason why to say Oh Ghee, how we love thee…….

Ghee Benefots

So Many Benefits...

Aids Digestion

Ghee can help maintain the gastrointestinal mucosa and support healthy bowel movement.


High Smoke Point

With a smoke point of 485 degrees ghee is one of the best natural fats to use to cook, bake, roast, sauté, grill, and fry without the formation of free radicals.


Shelf Stable

Ghee is shelf stable, even once opened, and can be stored in your cupboard for months without refrigeration.

Supports Gut Bacteria

Ghee can help inhibit the growth of unwanted bacteria in the intestinal system.


Healthy Fats

Rich in essential fatty acids 3, 6 and 9 with an ideal ratio between Omega 6 and Omega 3.


Improves Absorbtion

The carbon chains unique to ghee make it a superior carrier oil for binding and transporting fat soluble herbs into the body and deeper into the tissue layers.

Nourishes the Intestines


Essential Nutrients


Nourishes the Skin

Perfect In
Any Recipe

Ghee is an easy swap for butter, oil, margarine or cooking spray in any recipe. Use it for a wide variety of dishes and purposes to elevate your culinary experience. The possibilities are endless!

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We are vigilant in providing best practices with all of our manufacturing, processing and packaging.

 We start with organic grass-fed local butter to guarantee the highest quality from our cornerstone ingredient, ghee. We manufacture our full line of products from simple, natural, raw ingredients in our cGMP licensed facility.


Along with providing the highest quality ingredients and best manufacturing practices, we feel strong that packaging deserves the same vigilance. Our commitment to better packaging will assure your products stay free from harsh toxic chemicals with minimal packaging to eliminate excess waste. Our packaging is sustainable, recyclable, or reusable so we encourage you to dispose of it responsibly.

Functional Food

Ghee And Cannabinoids

It's one of the healthiest forms of fat and is highly digestible with superior absorbability. This full spectrum of carbon chains present in the triglycerides of ghee make this lipid loving carrier fat the superior catalyst for fat soluble cannabinoids.

As one of the few oils that can easily cross the blood-brain barrier, ghee is an ideal carrier oil that benefits the brain and the nervous system. One of the most sacred and healing foods in Ayurvedic medicine, ghee has been used for centuries in herb therapy as a superior "Anupana", or vehicle to carry herbs into the body and deeper into the tissue layers maximizing the overall absorption of, in this case, cannabinoids found in hemp.

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