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Get to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up rested! Natural ingredients that encourage all 4 stages of sleep to achieve deep restorative sleep and wake up rested. Experience the golden elixir of ghee for prolonged lasting benefit on sleep from the synergy of pure magnesium, lavender, peppermint and full spectrum hemp. Our Oregon sourced full spectrum hemp contains whole plant compounds including phenolics, terpenes, and cannabinoids to achieve the best restorative sleep. Cannabinoids found in full spectrum hemp are fused with the century old Ayurvedic carrier oil ghee to catalyze the delivery of cannabinoids drawing them deeper into the body tissue for enhanced therapeutic effects. Discover why our cornerstone ingredient ghee, offers superior absorption, increased bioavailability and efficacy that far exceeds any other topical hemp product on the market.


FORMULATED WITH PURPOSE: Our ingredients are chosen with the purpose to provide benefits that work in synergy with each other.


Ghee Resembling the structural components of skin cells so closely that it’s able to absorb deep into the layers of the skin, earning the term superior anupana (therapeutic vehicle) in Ayurvedic practices. These transdermal properties from essential fatty acids and carbon bonds unique to ghee catalyze delivery of hemp, magnesium, lavender and peppermint penetrating the deepest layers of skin cells. fat soluble herbs and penetrate the deepest layers of skin cells. The results are greater therapeutic effects of fat soluble herbs and minerals through enhanced absorption and improved efficacy.


Cocoa butter Vitamin E and fatty acids found in cocoa butter help nourish the skin, improve elasticity, and form a protective barrier to hold in moisture and help sooth tired, sore, overworked feet Shea butter Emollient properties is shea butter help soften and hydrate the skin. Rich in vitamin A to increase skin-cell turnover by stimulating the production of college.


Full spectrum hemp Cannabinoids, terpenes and phenolics interact with our body's ECS system to support normal sleep functions and patterns. Encourages the time spent in deep slow wave sleep to achieve restorative sleep.


Magnesium oil Binds to GABA receptors that trigger serotonin production to quiet down the nervous system and prepare the body for sleep. Shown to promote a general calm to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.


Lavender oil terpenes found in lavender oil help calm the central nervous system promoting deep sleep to help you sleep longer. A natural sleep aid that helps calm the central nervous system and promote slow wave sleep. Slow wave deep sleep is the restorative phase of sleep where your body physically repairs itself through cell regeneration.


Peppermint oil Mentha piperita is true peppermint oil that includes the presence of terpenes and is recommended for therapeutic use in aromatherapy. Menthol component found in peppermint oil help relax muscles to gain more restful sleep.

Sleep Butter | 1400mg Full Spectrum

SKU: 0023
  • INGREDIENTS: Organic cocoa butter, organic ghee from grass-fed cows, organic shea butter, Oregon grown full spectrum hemp, magnesium oil, organic lavender oil, organic peppermint oil

    DIRECTIONS: With 72,000 nerve endings on the bottom of your feet, we formulated these ingredients to quickly absorb through plantar application. For best results rub generously on the bottoms of feet from the tip of the toes to the bottom of the heel in a circular motion before sleep.

    PACKAGING: 4 oz recyclable round tin (plastic-free package) contains 1400 mg of cannabinoids from full spectrum hemp.

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